How to load firmware on ep1502 controller

how to load firmware on ep1502 controller

how to load firmware on ep1502 controller

EP 1502 - Two Reader Controller Support - PREM-CTLR2RDR. EP 1502 Data Sheet - Click for Download EP1502 Closeup Image - Click to Open Two Reader Controller Premisys Hardware Manual - Click to Downloa…

LP / EP Firmware CRC file; System Downtime. During the firmware download all system activity will continue to operate as normal. Once the firmware download completes, the LP/EP controller will reboot and undergo a reset during which cards will not be able to gain access for the duration of an SCP Reset. Typically up to 3 minutes.

Download EP1502 - ep1502_1_29_1_0633.crc. Ex. “Encrypted_LP1501_1_29_1_0633_FS_2_23.crc” This is the LP1501 version. Select Save; Select “Load File” After the upload the Mercury controller …

This document outlines the steps required to program an EP series controller, (EP-1501/EP-1502/EP-2500), to obtain an IP address via Public DHCP (assigned by standard DHCP server) or Static (manually assigned). Configuring an EP Controller for A Static IP Address. Hardware Setup. On the EP controller set S1 - Configuration DIP Switch DIP 2 ON

Intelligent Controller The multi-port EP1502 is an Ethernet-enabled dual card reader panel for controlling two connected doors and managing up to 64 doors/openings. Built on the Authentic Mercury platform, the intelligent controller uses an Ethernet link to connect to a Windows or Linux host for access control, alarm management and scheduled operations -- all in single package. With native ...

The result is powerful intelligent controllers that deliver flexibility, versatility, and reliability for a successful access control system. Application Notes The EP1502 and LP1502 reliably distribute intelligence to ensure the activities generated by select devices can be related to other devices for continued actions, without host intervention.

How to Upgrade Firmware for a Controller or an I/O Board. Note: The access control cards will still work while updating firmware on a controller. The cards will stop working once the controller does…

EP1502 Intelligent Controller Mercury Security EP1502 Intelligent Controller Choose the Synergis IP access control solution to protect your people and assets with your choice of widely-deployed, non-proprietary, and secure access control hardware. Specifications Table Dimensions 6.0 in × 8.0 in × 1.0 in (152 mm × 203 mm × 25 mm) Operating Temperature 0-70°C operational, -55-85°C storage ...

The Authentic Mercury open architecture model makes it possible for end-user organizations to choose from industry-leading access control software providers, both at time of product selection or in the future. Mercury's approach provides a streamlined path to move organizations from proprietary and/or obsolete systems to an open, flexible and interoperable platform for systematic access control.

Connect to controller using utility (or equivalent) Apply Auth Code. Success. As already mentioned in this thread, not all manufacturers care about the OEM code when connecting a controller to their platform, so you may not even require this step. That being said I am aware of some solutions which disable Mercury Configurations Options based on ...

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