How to determine synology firmware version

how to determine synology firmware version

how to determine synology firmware version

 · I have asked Synology support about determining the installed version number, but they responded with a canned reply which didn't address what I had actually asked. Does anyone know how to determine the version number of the currently-installed DSM version, including the update number? Further, the firmware files on the above site appear to have modification dates in March of this year ...

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Find the spare parts of your Synology product. Announcement; Date Information; Tools. Download Center. Find the documents and files for your Synology product. Packages . Find the add-on packages available in Package Center. Notes: DSM/SRM/Firmware Update Status: Full: Firmware and software updates will be continuously provided. Limited: Only security updates will be provided. End of Life ...

 · Another type of update of course is the update for the Synology Disk Station Manager (DSM) software itself. In this case from the Control Panel we have access to the pertinent icon under System settings. This view shows the basic details including the current version of the DSM software installed along with the status. The latter generally showing new version updates available. From the …

 · If your NAS is upgraded from a very old DSM version to the current version, or if the hard drive is moved from a very old DS model to this machine and you have a chance to encounter this issue, please login Synology Account website, contact Synology support team for assistance.

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Download Center. You can find the documents and files regarding the operating system, packages, desktop utilities and so on for your Synology product to enjoy the latest and versatile features.

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1) Extract the VERSION file: First - I extracted the VERSION file from the synology_ixp420_junior_0368.pat file. I am planning to use the synology_ixp420_junior_0385.pat for the actual downgrade, so I use a firmware file which is older than 385 - in this place it is the 368 file. I used WinRAR (ver 3.51) to open the pat-file, which in fact is a TAR copressed archive file. The VERSION …

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